Pop in a Box • July

john hammond funko pop

Oh July, what a funny month you have been! In the blink of an eye most of the month has passed and I still can’t get over the fact that it’s August in a few days. Considering January was the longest month in history, the rest of the year has zoomed by. When this month’s pop arrived, I was hoping for a good’un and half of me wasn’t disappointed, but half of me was.

I opened the unbelievably cute John Hammond from Jurassic Park. I was happy because, well look at him, he is awesome but also annoyed because my mum actually got me this Funko for my birthday. It serves me right really, as I should learn to keep my Pop in a Box wishlist up to date to avoid this from happening. Luckily for me, I have regifted him, so it has all worked out well in the end.

john hammond funko pop

I feel like this is one of the best pops out there. John Hammond is one of my favourite’s in Jurassic Park and this Funko portrays him perfectly. The attention to detail is spot on, with the amber at the top of his walking stick, to the ring on his little finger.

My only niggle is that he doesn’t seem to be very well made at all. His glasses aren’t sitting right on his face, but this one doesn’t annoy me too much asI feel like it adds to his character. He does have a little white paint drip down the side of his face though which is super annoying. As I had already opened this one, I couldn’t swap him with the other one that arrived either, which is doubly annoying!

Other than my slight moan though, I think he is adorable. I am going to see Jurassic Park at The Royal Albert Hall in September and this has made me super excited, I’m even tempted to bring him along! ♥



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