Pop in a Box – April

Pop in a Box adventure time

I’m not doing very well at getting my pop in a box post published in the correct month am I? I just need to get better! I say this every month though and then a million things seem to happen and the month is over. January seemed to last a few years and now every other month has flown by since. Seriously, how is it May?!

Last month I opened a box of cute little Adventure Time Pocket Pops. I do love a Pocket Pop, although I find they are a little harder to come across these days, I can only find them in keyring form. I think Pint Size Heroes are the newer version of Pocket Pops, not that I mind though, I love those just as much.

Adventure Time Pocket funko Pops

Anyway, this cute little set has a mini Jake, Finn and BMO. They aren’t my favourite Adventure Time characters if I am honest, but BMO is cute. In fact they are all sweet, I would just prefer a mini Marceline and Flame Princess!

I haven’t watched Adventure Time in wayyyy too long, I probably have around 100 episodes to catch up on. I find that it’s never really on telly anymore either. I must try and track it down! ♥


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