Funko Time: Princess Jasmine

jasmine funko pop

I don’t know what it is with me and Funko Pop’s lately. I end up wanting a specific one and then getting two of the same character pretty much one after the other. It happened with the dwarves and now it has happened with Princess Jasmine. I had an issue with my Pop in a Box subscription a few months ago and they offered to send me a replacement. I chose Jasmine as she is one of the character’s that I have wanted for a long time and then the next Funko to arrive on my monthly surprise box was Princess Jasmine in a different outfit…doh! I don’t mind too much though, as they are both still super cute.

funko pop jasmine disney

I love the way Funko have shown Jasmine’s outfit here and added the sheer layers to her trousers. Like the other ‘newer’ Princesses, she is much better than the original version. Her pose is more in character and there is so much more detail in her design. As with the cartoon version, I have serious hair envy and wish I could instantly have long locks like hers. I think this one has the edge over the other Jasmine I have, only because she is in the outfit she is most known for and looks really sweet.

Since I received the last Jasmine, I still haven’t managed to watch Aladdin! I definitely need to try and fit this in sometime soon!


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