Pop in a Box – February

jasmine funko pop in a box

Why is it that January felt like it lasted for years, but then February flew past in a flash?! I always find it really funny how time works, you never know if it is going to go quickly or slowly. This sounds like the start of a really deep post! But no, I am just writing about more Funko Pops and having a little time panic haha. February’s pop actually came quite early in the month, I have just been rubbish at writing posts lately. I really need to find my organisational skills.

Anyway, this month I opened Princess Jasmine in her red and gold outfit. I have a bit of a fact though, I have never seen Aladdin. I have seen little bits of it, but not the whole film – shocking I know. When I was growing up, I was too obsessed with watching The Lion King and The Aristocats on a loop to fit any other films in, so I kinda missed the Aladdin train. Princess Jasmine, still managed to become one of my favourite Princesses though, I think she is so pretty, which is why I still ‘thumbed her up’ on Pop in a Box.

disney princess jasmine funko pop

When I opened her box up, I was so glad that it wasn’t another dwarf to be honest, I was fully expecting to open Grumpy or Sneezy but luckily my dwarf run seems to have stopped for the time being. I love Jasmine’s outfit and her sassy pose. I have serious hair envy going on too. I wish I could have a high ponytail like this, I can tell my hair grows really quickly by looking at my roots, but it never seems to actually get any longer.

I am really happy with this pop and maybe she will spur me on to actually watch Aladdin! ♥


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