NYX Glitter Brilliants – Crystal

NYX Glitter Brilliants - Crystal

Festival season is in full swing at the moment and I must admit I am a little jealous of everyone that has been this year. As someone that has never been to a festival, I always get a little bit of envy when I see how amazing they usually are. I have always wanted to go to one, but the idea of camping just really doesn’t do it for me.

I have absolutely loved all of the glitter and jewel festival makeup looks that I have seen around this year. When I spotted the Glitter Brilliants range at my local Boots NYX counter, I thought I would sparkle my eyes, turn the volume up and pretend I’m at a festival myself.

NYX Glitter Brilliants Crystal

As you probably know already, I blooming love glitter. I would cover myself in the stuff all day, every day if I could. It is just so magical. The shade Crystal is right up my street as it has a holographic tone to it, perfect for those days when I want to feel even more sparkly than I normally like to.

NYX Glitter Brilliants Crystal swatch

Crystal is a mixture of silver holo pieces, all the same size and super, duper sparkly. In the above photo, I just tapped the pot lightly on my hand, the glitter did seem to stay for a little while but obviously it had nothing to stick to, so just fell off eventually. As I didn’t invest in any product to actually keep the glitter on, I thought I would use my trusty Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and hope for the best.

NYX Glitter Brilliants Crystal reviewNYX Glitter Brilliants Crystal beauty blog

The Primer didn’t work too badly actually, it kept the bulk of the glitter in place for a little while, much better than it would have been if I had put it straight on. As I am super clumsy I managed to get it everywhere anyway, when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere, it was all down my top and everything aha. I think the fallout would have been slightly better if I had used a proper glitter primer first though.

I must admit, I felt like I had the twinkliest unicorn eyes whilst wearing this. In some lights it is silver, in some it is rainbow. I love it. My only downfall, was that I managed to get glitter in my eyes quite a lot throughout the day with the fallout. Totally worth it though. As this is face and body glitter, I definitely want to try this on my lips next time and who knows, I might even experiment on my cheeks to get the full on festival effect.

Have you tried this glitter at all? Tell me your festival stories too, I hope you all had a lovely time if you have been this year! ♥


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