Pop in a Box – April 2017

po kung fu panda funko pop

For some reason, April has completely run away with me, I can’t believe next week we will be in May. Crazzzzzy. I am a little late than normal with my Pop in a Box post, I still thought I had about 3 weeks left in April but turns out I definitely don’t. I haven’t logged onto my Pop in a Box account in so long, so I couldn’t even hazard a guess what I was going to get. I just hoped it would be a good one. When I opened the box, I let out a little chuckle as it was one that I had selected to give to my mum if I ever got him.

po kung fu panda funko pop review

Inside was Po from Kung Fu Panda. Now I enjoy the Kung Fu Panda films, but my mum absolutely adores them. When I first started PIAB all those months ago, I selected Po as I knew she would love him if I ever got him and she really does. His personality has been captured perfectly and his outfit is spot on. I just need him to have Jack Black’s voice and he would be complete. I love that they kept his eyes black too, as some of the Funko’s with white in the middle of the eyes just don’t look right at all.

I’m so glad I managed to give this one to my mum, I think I may have finally persuaded her to join the Funko club too! ♥


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