Funko Time: Belle Dorbz

belle dorbz

I didn’t know whether to still title this post ‘Funko Time’ as this is a Dorbz not a Pop. But technically they are made by the same company, so I decided to keep the name. For some reason, I felt as though you needed to know that information. I’m turning into my dad – a bit of a waffler. Anyway, I wanted to show you one of the best secret santa presents that I have received, the beautiful BELLE!

belle dorbz

I was so happy when I opened this. Me and my ‘santa’ had each other and I got her a Dobby Funko, so there was definitely a theme going on! I absolutely love Belle, she sits nice and happily with Beast on the shelf. The simple details on her dress and hair are just perfect, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect present!

On another note, I absolutely cannot wait to see the new film – who’s with me?! ♥


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