10 Happy Things

10 happy things
For some reason, this past week has really stressed me out. I know it has been a mixture of work, life and feeling a bit low because it’s Winter, but normally it doesn’t get on top of me as much as it has been. Instead of dwelling like I normally do, I have decided to record a list of simple things that make me happy, so that I can look back on them to try and remind myself it isn’t all bad and there is lots to look forward to.

1. SPRING IS NOT TOO FAR AWAY! I just love Spring. The lighter evenings, the budding flowers, the pretty clothes. I cannot wait!
2. Flower Headbands. I love wearing flowers in my hair, I never do during winter but as soon as that sun comes back out, the flowers make me feel all cheery again.
3. Pyjamas. PJ’s make me super happy, I would wear them all of the time if I could. If I feel a little low after work, an evening in my pyjamas soon sorts me out.
4. A bubbly bath. Long, hot baths that are bursting with bubbles are the best.
5. Chocolate. Well this just fixes everything and makes me feel happier, until I eat it all and feel sick.
6. My Bullet Journal. I never thought that this would cheer me up as much as it has. It just gives me an excuse to use all of the stationery and stickers that I am addicted to buying.
7. Hot Chocolate. Lewis makes a mean hot chocolate and these always help me to feel nice and toasty.
8. Stationery. Buying new stationery always makes me happy, even if I think some of it is too nice to use and just ends up sitting on my shelf.
9. Funko Pops. This goes without saying, these always make me happy.
10. Cats. My cats are my babies and I can guarantee a cuddle with them (when they let me) will cheer me up.

I just need to keep reminding myself that there are so many things to be happy about. Simple things to look out for everyday. ♥


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