top 5 mac autumn lipsticks

19th November 2015

top 5 mac autumn lipsticks

19th November 2015
mac autumn berry lipsticks

This is totally my favourite time of year in terms of make up and fashion. I always find you can get away with so much more with make up as the nights draw in earlier. I love Autumnal shades, so tend to swoon over all of the collections that come out in this season. I thought I would show you my favourite MAC lipsticks for this time of year. I find that these are the shades that I always get drawn back to. I love a dark berry shade and this is the perfect time of the year for them to make a reappearance.

top 5 autumn mac lipsticks
top 5 mac autumn lipstick swatches

You can tell that I am drawn to a certain tone of lipstick, I am a bit of a predictable petal sometimes!

Heres the rundown of my pretty Top 5..

mac captive lipstick

Captive is one of my most recent MAC purchases and is perfect for those everyday swipes of colour. It isn’t as ‘in your face’ as the other favourites but is still lovely! [my review here]

mac rebel lipstick

Rebel is one of my true lipstick loves, bright, quirky and perfect for everyday looks. [my review here]

mac quite the thing lipstick

I love Quite the Thing as it has a slightly gloss like feel but doesn’t have that horrible sticky feeling that I find glosses have. [my review here]

mac hearts aflame lipstick

This is one of my absolute favourite MAC lipsticks full stop, perfect for when I’m in a bit of a vampy mood, which is pretty much most of the time! [my review here]

mac heroine lipstick

I know this sits out of the Berry theme that I have created here, but whenever it gets to winter Heroine comes out of the woodwork! [my review here]

I love each and every one of these shades and think they are all pretty wearable except maybe Heroine unless you are feeling super bold. Would any of these lipsticks be in your top 5 too? ♥


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Hello, I'm Emily

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