Thursday, 8 June 2017

Pop in a Box - June 2017

cinderella funko pop disney

Yay, it's Pop in a Box time! My box came early this month, which is always a happy time. I was really hoping for a princess and it's safe to say I wasn't disappointed. Well I was, but I wasn't and let me tell you why.

Sadly, Cinderella is my least favourite princess. I just never warmed to her when I was younger, I think it's because I never had the same hair colour so I felt I couldn't relate. Oh I wish life could be that simple again! I would have a bit more trouble these days though, as there doesn't seem to be many turquoise hair'd princesses around!

cinderella funko pop disney

I don't really have anything against her though, I'm just more of a Belle girl. I do love her swishy dress though and i'm finding this pop quite cute, so it isn't all bad. Especially as she is now number 3 in my swishy dress princess collection. I don't think she will last very long with me though, as I'm sure when my niece finds out that I have her she may suddenly acquire her. 

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