Friday, 2 June 2017

Monthly Wishlist: June

Monthly Wishlist June 2017
It's wishlist timeeeee! I can't believe it's June wishlist time though, it's crazy! I do love June, it's one of those months I usually just enjoy. I am hoping that we get to experience the Summer weather a little longer than a few days this month though. Although, after day 3 I am usually moaning that I am too hot and muggy and want the cold weather back. I can't win. Here are a few things that I am swooning over for this month...

NYX Ombre Lip Duo - These look so cool. I love a ombre lip and the fact that everything you need is in one product is even better. I think I need to hunt them down.

Alien Notebook / Moleskine - I am a stationery hoarder. I have so many notebooks under my bed that are 'too nice' to write in. Anyone else do this? I can't resist these little Alien notebooks though. 

Jigglypuff Powder / Tony Moly - OMG. Jigglypuff makeup. I could have easily made up a whole wishlist of the Tony Moly Pok√©mon range (I still might!) but thought I would settle for this perfect little powder. I wouldn't use it though as I wouldn't want to ruin Jiggles little face. I think I'm in love. 

Gudetama Dress / Truffle Shuffle - Continuing on from my Gudetama theme of last month's Pop in a Box, I have fallen a little in love with this Gudetama dress.

Marie Funko Pop / Hot Topic - If only this perfect little Funko wasn't a Hot Topic Exclusive. I have wanted an Aristocats Funko range for ages. I'm going to see if I can try and hunt her down her in the UK anywhere. 

Watermelon Light / Skinnydip - How cute is this little light? Perfect for those little Summer parties.

I hope you all have a lovely June and enjoy all of the sunshine that we hopefully get! 


  1. The lip duos look lovely, especially the purple toned shade. x

    Jordan Alice

    1. Thank you, I really want them!

  2. That moleskin!! I actually saw that when I was shopping at El Corte Ingles and was SOOOO tempted but like you I have a stack of notebooks that haven't been touched haha. OMG Jigglypuff makeup! Now I need to add all of the things to my wishlist hehehe. | geek lifestyle

    1. Aha we can never have too many notebooks though, right?

  3. AWWWWW the Marie pop is so adorable! I'm not a huge pop vinyl fan but she is just too cute not to have! :D

    I have to say I love how much stock Truffle Shuffle have lately that appeals to geeks! :D I can just imagine your wearing that vest, it's so funky! :P

  4. Ooooo so much cuteness!!! I absolutely love those lip duos and need them in my life.

    Sarah | <3

  5. These are great picks! Everything is super cute :D I had no idea there was makeup packaging with pokemon on it! So cool! :D


    1. Thank you! I definitely need that pokemon makeup!


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