Monday, 5 June 2017

Favourites - Models Own Hypergel Polishes

Models Own Hypergel Polishes
I knew that as soon as I cracked out the pastel nail polishes, the weather would change. I love a pastel polish in the sunshine, but I think the grey is more suited to the weather at the minute. I thought I would try and round up some of my favourites, which all happen to be from the Models Own Hypergel collection.

I absolutely love the formula of these polishes, they have pretty much become one of my go-to polishes these days. On me, they last well over a week before they start to chip and I just love the glossy look that they have. Here are my favourites...

Models Own Hypergel Polishes swatches

Lunar Grey - I love a grey polish. Grey is just a colour that goes with everything, especially this pastel cloudy grey. 

Lilac Sheen - Like the grey, this shade is pretty versatile. It's so pretty, I think this is definitely one of my most used polishes. 

Turquoise Gloss - I wear this when I want a pastel colour, but still something quite bold. This is the shade I normally pick when I want to match my hair too. 

Cornflower Gleam - I love the lilac and blue tones that this polish has. I feel like its such a calm looking colour. 

Persian Pink - Now I know that this isn't technically pastel, but this colour is amazing. Bold and candy like. 

These are the polishes that I always sway towards when the sun comes out. I love them all a little bit. 

Have you ever tried these polishes? 

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