Monday, 22 May 2017

When a gig takes you back in time

cky gig

You know when you go to a gig and it was everything that you thought it would be and you end up having some sort of epiphany? This was me last week when I went to see a band called CKY. 

CKY are a band that I have listened to for many years, well over 10 in fact. They are a band that Lewis introduced me to when we first got together and they have played a huge part in the way that my music taste is shaped now. We noticed that they were coming to the UK for the first time since 2011 and I surprised Lewis with tickets for his birthday. You know when you buy someone a present, that is pretty much for you as well? This.

cky gig 2017

Obviously, CKY were amazing. I knew they would be, we managed to get right to the front barrier, so I managed to see everything. Normally at gigs, I attract tall people to stand in front of me but this time I got to see everything so closely - including beautiful Chad. Whilst watching, I was instantly transported back to my 14 year old self. This is a band that I would listen to constantly during my teenage years. In fact, me and Lewis would pop them on and then play Tony Hawks Pro Skater for hours and hours on end. 

I have so many memories attached to this band, every song took me back and for a second I kind of missed how everything was so simple back then. This is where the epiphany part kicked in, like I know adult life can't be as simple as when you are a child. But why can't I be just as happy? I was rocking away for the hour or so that they were on and I was really happy, like not a care in the world happy. It's not that I am unhappy usually, but I felt like a genuinely didn't have a care and I want to feel more of this. 

This post has turned into a little ramble, but it feels so nice just to write it down. I think I just loved the gig so much that it really has made me stop and re-evaluate my happiness. I really need to put my own happiness first sometimes and I think that I will be doing a lot more of this in the future.  

Have you guys ever been to a gig that has made you stop and think like this? 


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