Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Funko Time: Pocahontas

disney pocahontas funko pop

Pocahontas was always one of my favourite Princesses when I was younger. I remember falling in love with the film and asking for 'Colours of the Wind' on a loop until I knew every single word. When I saw that they were releasing her and Meeko in Funko form, I knew that I would need to add them to my collection.

Luckily for me, the mix up with Pop in a Box before, meant that I received 2 pops in one month due to the subscription restarting and I only went and got Pocahontas!

disney pocahontas funko pop

The Pocahontas pop is absolutely perfect. Her dress, necklace and pose is just spot on. She is so simple in detail, but I really don't think she would need any more. I've noticed some of the newer Funko's coming with stands too and OMG this is so helpful! The amount of trouble I usually have trying to get these to stand up without, so I am a big fan of these.

I remember having a doll of her when I was little and when you left her in the sun, coloured leaves would appear all over her dress. I blooming loved that doll and for some reason this Funko reminds me of her - minus the magic leaves. I haven't watched the film in so long, I think I know what I am now going to be doing this evening! 



  1. Pocahontas is my favourite Disney film (joint with Beauty and the Beast) so I've been after the Pocahontas and the Meeko pops, they are so cute and the detail is beautiful. Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

    1. Thank you :) she is just so cute isn't she?!


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