Monday, 3 April 2017

Barry M Nail Paint - Fashion Icon

Barry M Nail Paint - Fashion Icon swatch

I blooming love Barry M, they are my absolute go-to when it comes to nail polishes. I love how affordable they are and their selections are always spot on. I don't think I have looked anywhere else for nail polishes in months. My mum bought Fashion Icon just before she went on holiday, so I thought I would have a little test of it whilst she was away. 

In the bottle, Fashion Icon is a bright purple glitter shade with blueish specks throughout. I like my glitters bold, so this looked like it would be right up my street. Lets face it, I love anything purple too, so was always going to steal this when she wasn't looking.

Barry M Nail Paint - Fashion Icon review

Once painted, Fashion Icon is a lot less vibrant than I imagined it would be, it comes across as more of a Lilac shade. I really thought it would be packed with a lot more glitter too, although I used 2 coats in the above photos, so I have a feeling it may have been a bit better with a couple more. The colour itself is lovely, although a little different from how it looks in the bottle. I don't mind too much though as it matches my hair perfectly.

I can imagine this being super sparkly in the sun, probably the reason my mum bought it so she could show it off on holiday.

Available from Barry M and Boots.


  1. This is beautiful! Maybe it would look more vibrant if applied over a plain purple shade? x

    Jordan Alice

    1. Ooo yes, I may try this next. Thanks lovely :)


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