Friday, 17 March 2017

Pop in a Box - March 2017

rapunzel pop in a box

I was so excited when I opened this month's Pop in a Box. It came a few days after my February pop as my subscription went a bit funny and I ended up receiving 2 in the space of a week. I'm definitely not complaining though, especially after opening the Rapunzel that I wished for in my last pop post...

I found this so spooky, out of all the pops that there are in the world, I ended up with the one that I was after the most. Good old Pop in a Box!

rapunzel pop in a box

Rapunzel is just as perfect as I had hoped. The detailing of her hair is so pretty with all of the cute little flowers throughout. She makes me think of Spring and all of the colours that come with it. It was probably the best time for this Funko to arrive, she has made me hopeful that Spring is finally on its way. I love her sassy pose and dress too, it is perfectly Rapunzel-esqe - I just need a little Pascal to sit with her.

My only niggle is the mark on the back of her head. Funko's can be so hit and miss, it is very rare that you can find one that is completely perfect. Doesn't mean I love her any less though! 


  1. This Rapunzel is so beautiful. Great post!

  2. She's so cute! I've been thinking about getting a subscription for a while now and I might go for it. So annoying when you get a pop with marks on but still adorable nonetheless!

    Amy x


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