Friday, 3 February 2017

Monthly Wishlist: February

february 2017 wishlist
February is heeeeeere and I can't quite believe it. I am quite glad for January to be over, I find it quite a hard month. It marks the end of Christmas *cries* and it always seems too dark outside. February is a good month though - Pancake day, Valentines day and 1 month closer to Spring. What's not to love?!  

Here are my favourite finds for this month:

NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream - This lip cream is just perfect. The whole range looks amazing, but this is my favourite shade, rose gold lips, yay!

Pusheen Plush / Claire's - This plush is so cute, I actually saw it in Claire's the other day, but didn't get it cause I have to save for a house. eye roll ha.

Beauty and the Beast Rose Charm Necklace / Truffle Shuffle - I love this necklace. It is so simple, but so pretty. The rose is so cute!

Urban Decay 'Glitter Rock' Moondust Eyeshadow - Moondust eyeshadows are my favourite! This colour is just something else, perfect for Spring. I really want it, but must resist.

Pusheen Ceramic Mug / Truffle Shuffle - I think I need this for work. It is cute and would hold my tea perfectly.

DC Bombshells 'Wonder Woman' Funko Pop / Pop in a box - I'm not a huge fan of the superhero pops. I usually prefer the Disney ones, but these bombshell pops are right up my street. 

Purple Glitter Converse / Schuh - I really want a new pair of Converse for the summery months and this glittery pair are just beautiful. 

Lush Valentines Day Range - Well, the Lush Valentines range is just perfect as usual. I especially want the Ladybird Bubble Bar.

I really enjoyed making this wishlist, I find that there is something really therapeutic about looking through cute bits and pieces and popping them all together. 

I hope you all have a lovely February. ♥


  1. That pusheen plushie is so goddamn adorable! *u*

    Also I fell in love with your blog after finding you on instagram! <3

    Jess |

    1. Isn't it the cutest?! Awww thank you so much, that is so nice to hear :)

  2. Pusheeen! I think you can find it cheaper on blippo anyway your post is super adorable and I'm falling in love with your blog.


  3. Oh I've had my eye on that Wonder Woman pop! She's so cute.
    The rose necklace is gorgeous too. Hope the film lives up to my expectations.



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