Friday, 10 February 2017

Barry M Nail Paint - Acai Smoothie

Barry M Nail Paint Acai Smoothie

I find this time of year really hard for choosing nail polish colours. I kinda want to step away from the Wintery colours but feel it's a bit too early for the Pastel colours to make an appearance. When I went shopping last week, I had a little rummage through the Barry M section and I think I may have just found my perfect inbetweeny colour - Acai Smoothie.

Barry M Nail Paint Acai Smoothie review

Acai Smoothie is perfect - not too dark but not too light. It paints as a lovely dusky fuchsia colour which is perfect for my Spring vibes. This shade makes me think of Raspberry milkshake, just a little darker and the shine on this is just unreal too. The Gelly range is one of my favourite's as they are such good value for money and apply so nicely! 

Available from Barry M and Boots.


  1. Such a pretty shade. Not too girly, not too bold!
    The Gelly range has to be one of the best formulas out there in my opinion.
    Gillian  xx

    1. Definitely, I always find myself going back to them! :)

  2. This is a really nice shade and it reminds me of a raspberry smoothie as well! Love the acai name but my acai bowls are darker purple ;)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Haha I did think Acai's were a bit darker too! :)


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