Monday, 12 December 2016

The Body Shop Advent Calendar - Day 5 - 9

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

I am really liking the surprise element to this Advent Calendar from the Body Shop. Obviously, with the Ciaté one, I know I am going to get nail polishes, but as The Body Shop cover Skincare and Beauty there is a bit more variety. Realistically, I just like the idea of an Advent Calendar though, so I will always be pleased.

Below is what I have opened over the past few days...

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2016

I will go through what I opened in each box, so if you don't want to see what is in the boxes, don't look down!

The Body Shop Advent Calendar
The Body Shop Advent Calendar day 5 6

Day 5 - Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge / Day 6 - Lip Definer
Along with the Shower Puff before, a sponge is pretty random but I suppose it goes with all of the showery bits. I am liking the look of this lip liner, I haven't tried any of The Body Shop's beauty range before, but this looks like a nice colour.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar
The Body Shop Advent Calendar day 7 8

Day 7 - Pencil Sharpener / Day 8 - Coconut Soap
I am always losing my pencil sharpener, so this is quite a handy gift. The Coconut Soap smells lovely, just like a block of Bounty!

The Body Shop Advent Calendar
The Body Shop Advent Calendar 9

Day 9 - Slanted Tweezers
Tweezers are always handy, especially as my eyebrows grow quicker than anything and end up like caterpillars if I don't keep on top of them.

As you can see, I opened some pretty random bits over the last few days. I definitely enjoy opening more products than accessories, so fingers crossed the next few days have more soaps and smelly goodness!


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