Goodbye 2016

How on earth was it Christmas nearly a week ago?! It takes forever to build up to it, then it is over in a flash. I really hope you all had the nicest time. Mine was lovely, some days quiet, some days manic but every day nice and festive. I was absolutely spoilt rotten too, I really am lucky. Looking back on the year, 2016 has been a bit of a blur. I am welcoming 2017 with open arms, but this year hasn’t been all bad, I managed to make some deer friends as you can see above and I have surprisingly hit more goals than I thought I would.

I set myself a few goals in this post last year and this is how I got on;
★ Improve SEO – I’m not gunna lie I still don’t really get it, but I think I understand it a little more than I did last year so thats always a plus.
Improve Writing/Photos/Social Media – I like to think that I have improved in all of these areas. Especially my photos, it just shows what playing around with camera settings can do. 
Be More Creative – Hopefully I have achieved this one. I am finally in a place where I am completely happy with my blog. 
Change Hair Colour – YES! I took the plunge and went from turquoise to lilac. I love it, but never thought lilac would have been harder to maintain!
★ Lose Weight – Not a considerable amount, probably down to the Christmas food I have done nothing but indulge in, but I have lost a stone in the last year. I am hoping to continue this into the next year too..maybe those Poké walks are actually helping?!
★ Get a New Tattoo – YAY! I finally got the sugar skull on my arm that I had wanted for ages and couldn’t be happier with it!
★ Save to move out – This is an ongoing one. I know I will get there eventually, I just need to stop buying every cute bit of makeup that I find!
I am so happy that I managed to hit some goals for once. I normally either give up or lose interest, so I am nice and motivated ready for next year!
I hope you all have the most amazing 2017, it’s going to be a good year – I can feel it! ♥

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