Ciaté Mini Mani Month – Day 18 – 24

It was Christmas Eeeeeeve babe..I don’t even know why I chose that lyric, I’m not much of a fan of that Pogues song. Everyone else seems to love it, but I just don’t get the hype. Today is the most wonderful day of the year to me, I love the spirit on Christmas Eve. I thought I would try and get the last Ciaté Advent Calendar post up before the big day itself, so here we go…

This post includes today’s door, so if you still haven’t opened it. Don’t look down…

Day 18 – Raising the Barre / Day 19 – Nail Saviour
Raising the Barre is a nice garnet shade. A bit too dark for me, but this I’m sure Mumma will take full advantage of this shade. My nails are always in a bad condition, so I am hoping this Nail Saviour will help me out.

Day 20 – Antique Brooch / Day 21 – Cupcake Queen
I really like Antique Brooch, but think it needs a few more coats than the 2 I applied to get the full effect. Cupcake Queen is a lovely pink with a slight blue tint, right up my street!

Day 22 – Raincheck / Day 23 – Pliés Please Me
I love the look of both of these colours together, they remind me of a night sky. I feel some nail art coming on soon. 

 Day 24 – Meet me at Midnight
I absolutely love this glitter. I think I might need to do 4 billion coats to get the full effect though. It is super sparkly and I just love the colours!
That’s it for the Ciaté Advent this year, there were shades that I will definitely wear and some that I may not wear so much. The colour choices were a lot more wearable than previous years though, so I think this is my favourite year so far! I must say that I saw this calendar in TK Maxx for £13.00 a few days ago which is such a bargain.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas! ♥


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