Ciaté mini mani month – day 1 – 4

Ciaté mini mani month advent calendar
I blooming love an Advent Calendar. I feel as though every month of the year needs one just to make it a little more interesting. There are so many different Advent Calendars out there, I found it so hard to choose! This year I have this Ciaté Mini Mani Month and The Bodyshop Advent Calendar (I will post that one separately). I just couldn’t resist!

Ciaté mini mani month swatch
I love the layout of this calendar, the box layout make it a little different. Don’t get me wrong I love a door, I just like this method a little more as it feels as though you get a proper little present each day.
Obviously, I am going to be writing about the boxes I have opened so if you want to keep it as a surprise, don’t read on!
Ciaté mini mani month day 1 2
Ciaté mini mani month nail polish
Day 1 – Goal Digger / Day 2 – Boudoir
I absolutely love Goal Digger, it is a perfect frosted rose shade. Boudoir is a nice Christmassy red, although it’s a repeat of last year sadly.
Ciaté mini mani month review
Ciaté mini mani month nail polish calendar

 Day 3 – Seas the Day / Day 4 – Iced Frappe
Seas the Day is my perfect turquoise shade, although this applies slightly streaky. I’m not too sure if another coat would sort it out though. Iced Frappe is a lovely rose nude, I actually like the look of both of these shades together too!
I really like all of the shades so far, especially the last two. They are my perfect nail colours! 

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