Friday, 18 November 2016

Pop in a Box - November 2016

marceline funko pop

October went by in such a flash that I forgot my Pop in a Box was due. When I got home from work last week to find it sitting there, my rubbish day was more than cheered up. I love Adventure if you didn't already know, so when I opened Marceline I was super excited.

I have been after this Marceline figure ever since it was released earlier this year. I already have the original Marceline Funko, but there is just something about this version that I think I love that little bit more. Marcy is just my favourite character ever!

marceline funko pop adventure time
I love absolutely everything about this pop. Her hat, face, guitar...everything is just perfect. She now sits pride of place on my shelf with the rest of the Adventure Time gang, I am totally in love.
I am gutted that Adventure Time will be ending in 2018, but I know these Funko's and the endless episodes for me to watch will keep me going forever.


  1. I am getting serious Pop! envy, this Marceline is awesome! I only have LSP and Blushing BMO. I didn't know that they'd announced that Adventure Time was ending, excuse me whilst I sulk in a corner xx

    mondo divine

    1. Aww I love blushing BMO! Yep, they announced it a few weeks back :( can I come and sulk with you?

  2. She's so cute! I've only watched a few eps of Adventure Time, but I definitely need to watch the rest.

    Meg | Elmpetra


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