Friday, 11 November 2016

Funko Time: Woody

funko time woody
woody funko pop vinyl

'You're my favorite deputy!'

With Halloween out of the way, I suppose it is time to go back to my 'normal' Funko pops. Although half of my collection is Halloween based, so it probably won't be long before the spooky ones make another appearance.

I love Toy Story, it is an absolute classic. I could watch it time and time again and find it more adorable each time. This Woody Funko is just as cute, his pose is perfect and the detailing on his little outfit is brilliant. I only wish they did the Aliens in Funko versions too, they are my absolute favourites!


  1. great

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  2. This is super cute!

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    xx Audrey

  3. So cute!!!

  4. This is so adorable!

  5. Such a cute pop.

    I'm positive they have the alien in the pop version, though I think it's retired :(

    best collection to have though, <3

    1. Awww no, I think you might be right! I just checked on google and now I remember seeing him before! :)

  6. Such a cute one! I've always loved toy story and this woody pop is adorable!



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