Friday, 21 October 2016

Pop in a Box - October 2016

oogie boogie funko pop

If ever there was a more perfect Funko that I could have received from Pop in a  Box in time for Halloween, it was Oogie Boogie. It is no secret that I have been after this pop for ages, so you can imagine my reaction when I opened him up. In fact, my mum was talking to me at the same time as me opening this and I ended up ignoring her as I was so distracted..whoops!

Oogie Boogie is one of my favourite villains. I love to hate him, but his song is just so catchy I can't help singing along!

halloween oogie boogie funko pop

Oogie is just perfect, his evil little face captures his naughty personality and the dice in his hand just add that simple little detail. I was surprised at how heavy he is compared to the other Funko's, it must be all of those bugs inside him!

I'm not far short of completing The Nightmare Before Christmas collection now, I really need to stop!

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