Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Halloween Funko Collection

the nightmare before christmas funko pop

Without realising, I seem to have started a bit of a Halloween theme throughout my Funko collection. I said before in my last post, that anything Halloweeny with a cute theme I am in love, so don't expect to be seeing any scary Funko's here! Although i'm not even sure if scary Funko's are a thing?

I will start with The Nightmare before Christmas. It is one of my absolute favourite films and a tradition that I watch it every Halloween and er..Christmas. I pretty much know it word for word, so it is only right that it makes up most of my Funko collection.

halloween funko pop

I don't have all of the Funko's from the film but I am getting there slowly. I think Xero or Pumpkin King Jack are currently my favourites. I can't resist shouting 'Jack, The Pumpkin King' every time I walk past him.

the munsters funko pop

These are some of the newest Funko's in my collection. When I saw them, I knew I needed to have them straightaway. See what I mean about cute but not scary, just look at cute Herman!

halloween funko pop collection

Where do I start with Dracula? He is definitely one of the cuties. As much as I hate gore and being scared, I love Vampires. Don't ask, I don't know why either considering I am scared of everything else! Although, when I say love vampires, I definitely mean the cute version again! Mr Scissorhands is probably one of the most treasured Funko's in my collection, I think he is absolutely perfect. His expression and detail is spot on.

I definitely need to invest in more Spooky related Funko's, they are just too cute and always make a reappearance at this time of year!



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