Monday, 22 August 2016

Top 5 Teal Nail Polishes

top 5 teal nail polishes

I seem to go through colour phases when I paint my nails. Sometimes I go through every pink polish I own, then blue, then purple etc. I never mix them up, they seem to come in batches of colours. Once I get a colour in my head, I become obsessed with it! At the moment it's teal, so thought I would show you my current favourites.

I usually save teal for the autumn months, but with the weather we seem to be getting lately. It is perfect now too!

top 5 teal nails

Max Factor 'Graffiti' - I use this shade when I am feeling exceptionally mermaidy. It is the perfect sea creature colour and super sparkly. 

Barry M Gelly 'Guava' - This is one of my favourite nail polish colours, ever. When I don't know what other colour to choose, I always go back to this one. 

nails inc. 'Fitzroy Square' - My perfect glitter, I absolutely love this polish. The chunky and fine pieces work so well together. 

Barry M Gelly 'Greenberry' - I know that this isn't technically teal, but its too pretty to miss off. It's so creamy and lovely.

Ciaté 'Headliner' - I'm not usually into dark polishes too much, but this one is perfect. Especially during those autumn/winter months. 

Sometimes I wish I had more sets of hands, so I could paint my nails more colours at once! Would any of these colours be in your Top 5 too?


  1. I am OBSESSED with this shade as well. I currently have turquoise shaded hair (that looks quite like teal) and boy I AM IN LUVVVVV. I would love to try this Ciate color <3

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. Oooh, I bet that looks lovely! :) glad to know I have another teal friend! :)


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