Monday, 8 August 2016

Skinnydip Superhero Bag

skinnydip superhero bag

Like anyone, I absolutely love a bargain. When I was browsing the Skinnydip website last week, I noticed that the Superhero bag I had featured in my February wishlist had been reduced from £32 to £10. Amazing!

I knew I had to have it at this price, so checked out immediately. I didn't buy this initially as I couldn't justify the cost with the amount that I thought I would use it. Since then I seem to have brought every plain black dress around, so definitely have a reason to use it all of the time.

skinnydip superhero bag
skinnydip superhero bag

The bag itself is a fairy decent size inside. I usually struggle to fit my phone into a lot of bags, but this one fits nicely with room for my purse, key etc. as well. I love how different this bag is, talk about statement! The glitter on this is so sparkly too, it just doesn't fall off.

I never normally manage to get a bargain, my reaction times are way too slow for any deal, but I am so glad I managed to get this one! 

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