Monday, 29 August 2016

Funko Time: Herman Munster

herman munster funko pop

'Don't do anything I wouldn't do, you rascal!'

I have wanted to go to Forbidden Planet for absolutely ages and finally at the weekend this dream came true. I was in London getting my tattoo, when it suddenly dawned on me and Lewis that we may have enough time to go to Funko Pop heaven, so that is exactly what we did. There were way too many things to choose from and I could have easily spent a few more hours in there, but it was closing so we had to leave with the the goodies that we did have. I was a bit sad that they had no Disney Funko's in, but it was probably a blessing or I would have had no money at all.

I did manage to spot this little beauty though and snapped him up straightaway. I also picked up Grandpa Munster, so he wasn't lonely on the shelf but will show him off later. I remember watching The Munsters with my mum when I was little and really loving it. This Funko is seriously cute and so detailed. The bolts on his neck are just perfect!

I'm so glad I picked him up just in time for Halloween...yes I am thinking about Halloween already!


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