Friday, 3 June 2016

My First HD Brow Experience

hd brow experience

I have been itching to get my eyebrows done for years, but have always been a little scared to go on my own. I am an absolute pro with a pair of tweezers don't get me wrong, but the thought of getting them done professionally has always appealed that little bit more. My friend mentioned that she was going to a salon to have HD Brows done and I decided to invite myself along..

I didn't touch my brows from the moment we booked the appointment and boy did that stress me out. If it had been any longer, I think I may have cracked and got the tweezers out, but luckily I resisted.

hd brows before

This is what my eyebrows looked like on the day of my appointment. Again, I do not know how I resisted plucking these babies, they annoyed me everytime I looked in the mirror. 

hd brows before

I decided to 'draw on' my eyebrows in my usual way before my appointment, so I could completely see the difference in shape etc. I was so nervous, I didn't really know what to expect. The HD Brow technique uses a series of different methods to create the perfect brow. The eyebrows are tinted to start, waxed, threaded and then plucked. I have only ever plucked my eyebrows, so in my head I expected the most painful experience of my life...

I was totally wrong. None of the methods hurt at all, the threading just created a slight tugging feeling but that is as bad as it got. My eyebrows didn't seem to agree though as they swelled and went bright red, so much so that even makeup couldn't cover it up. Dammit!

hd brows after

The assistant helping me was lovely, she asked what I wanted to do with my brows and gave options of what she thought would suit too, which was so helpful as I have always just plucked and had no real idea of where I wanted my brows to go. My eyebrows look amazing, especially now the swelling has gone down. I like to fill them in slightly more than the photo above, but that is just personal preference. 

I am so impressed with this and have booked my next appointment already, I don't think i will ever let my brows go bad again. 



  1. I am glad that you enjoyed this eyebrow experience especially the before and after pictures!!



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