Monday, 20 June 2016

Holiday Wishlist

holiday wishlist

In two weeks time, I will be heading off on Holiday to Gran Canaria. I am super excited and can't wait to have a little break away from rainy England. I don't know what it is about going on holiday, but I always feel a sudden urge to buy new things. 

I thought I would create a wishlist of things I am craving for my holiday...

Princess Peach Vans / Schuh - The Nintendo collection of Vans are absolutely adorable, but the Princess Peach ones are obviously needed for the amount of walking that I will be doing on holiday. I think these are now justified!

Watermelon Rubber Ring / Truffle Shuffle - I love anything novelty and I can just imagine floating around the pool in this with a cocktail in my hand. 

Playsuit / River Island - I'm not a huge fan of playsuits normally, but I really like the style of this one. I think the lace trimming just makes it. 

Watermelon Fan / Accessorize - I must be sticking to a Watermelon theme here. This fan is so cute, I may start using one just for this reason.

My Little Pony Beach Towel / Asda - I don't think I have ever owned a plain beach towel in my life. I definitely need this towel to accompany the BMO and Ariel towels I currently have.

Shell Cross Body Bag / Skinnydip - If you can't be a mermaid on holiday, when can you be? I have wanted this bag for ages and think that now is definitely the time to cave in. 

Make Flushed Palette / Urban Decay - I could easily take a whole suitcase full of makeup on holiday with me but somehow find the power to narrow it down. I find palettes like this perfect, as they contain staple items you may need. 

Would any of these be on your holiday wishlist too?



  1. Fantastic wishlist! The nintendo vans are also on my wishlist too but one of the other styles. They are awesome; I'd have all of them if I could :) The playsuit from River Island is really pretty. Also lovin' the mermaid shell bag!

    1. Thank you lovely! Which vans are you after? :)

  2. Aww I love your little wishlist! :D I had a look at the mermaid bag in the London store, and it is soooo cute! I would have bought it, but I have enough bags. :P

    The watermelon pool ring is the best thing on that list for me. It'll be so awesome to sit in around the pool. xD

    1. I keep talking myself out of buying the mermaid bag for some reason! I don't think that will last too long though ha!

  3. Love your style! I've had my eye on those Princess Peach vans for a while! I loved the look of the Princess Bubblegum docs too but didn't know when I'd wear them lol.


    1. OMG yes! I love the docs too but i'm the same. I couldn't decide if I would wear them enough!

  4. That watermelon rubber ring is so cute!!

    Ella xx


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