Sunday, 19 June 2016

Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint - Surfboard

barry m coconut infusion nail paint

I have wanted to try Barry M Coconut Infusion nail paints ever since they were released a few months ago, but have somehow managed to resist them until now. If that isn't willpower, I don't know what is! I popped into Boots for some Shower Caps (Glamourous!) and couldn't resist these polishes any longer. I eventually left with the shade Surfboard as it was right up my street.

barry m coconut infusion nail paint surfboard

Surfboard is the most perfect mix of pastel pink with a hint of purple. It reminds me of a milkshake, although I'm not too sure which fruit would produce this colour! Maybe Raspberry?

barry m coconut infusion nail paint surfboard swatch

The formula of this polish, as always with Barry M is lovely. It is so creamy and consistent, I currently have it on my fingers and toes I love it that much! I don't think I have been using this long enough to comment on the difference Coconut Infusion really makes, but it definitely gives the polish a nice shiny finish.

I'm definitely going to invest in other shades from this collection, I just need to decide which shade to pick next!


  1. This looks lovely, it's such a pretty shade :) I've been wanting to try these coconut infusion nail polishes for a while, and I'm even more tempted after reading your post!

  2. What a gorgeous color! It looks like a blueberry and vanilla ice cream shake to me~

    I need to find somewhere online to buy this, I think :o

    1. Ahh yes, definitely blueberries! :D

  3. Great willpower! This is such a beautiful colour, kind of unusual as well :) I love the Barry M nail polishes so may have to give these a go x

    Liv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

    1. Thank you for your comment sweet! Barry M do the best nail polishes :)


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