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urban decay makeover experience

Picture this..it’s my birthday, my mum and dad are shouting at me to get up and open my card but making me promise not to go back to sleep. Little did I know, that the reason I wasn’t allowed to go back to sleep was because they had brought me a makeup lesson with Urban Decay which started at 10am, cue mad panic to get ready!

I was so excited, Urban Decay are one of my favourite brands and I have never had my makeup done by anyone else before, shock. But the excitement was super real. I didn’t really know what to do in terms of applying my own makeup before I went, so I quickly put some foundation on and hoped for the best. When I arrived at the Urban Decay counter, I was greeted by the lovely makeup artist who was going to help me. For the life of me I cannot remember her name at all..but she was so lovely!

The session itself is 90 minutes long and you get your pick of any of the products on display to have a look created. I soon realised that I didn’t need to put any makeup on myself, because they take it all off anyway to start fresh, which makes sense now I think about it.

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As it was such short notice, I didn’t really have time to prepare for what I wanted done, so opted for a dark smokey eye and neutral lip. You can’t see it too much in the photos, but my eyes were lined in the loveliest teal eyeliner to create a bit of a bold pop. As much as I tried, I couldn’t resist picking shades from The Alice in Wonderland palette, I wanted to see what it looked like properly before I inevitably purchased. I thought with it being May that I would have perfect lighting for taking photos of the finished result, but obviously it didn’t stop raining on my birthday, typical. They eye makeup was so much sparklier in real life and made me fall more in love with the palette than I thought I would. 
urban decay makeup experience
The assistant was so welcoming and showed me how to do every step. I picked up so many tips along the way and had so much fun. I have to say that my eyebrows look sooo much better this way too and I have been trying to recreate this every day since. At the end of the session, you have the option to spend the money used for the lesson on products. There was so many things that I wanted, I ended up leaving and going back once I had made up my mind. That’s my indecisiveness kicking in but eventually I brought the Brow Beater Eyebrow Pencil and an Eyeshadow Primer Potion
I absolutely loved this experience and would definitely love to do it again. I may or may not have also caved and brought the Alice in Wonderland palette too.


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      Thank you! 😀

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      Thank you sweetpea! 🙂

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