Max Factor Excess Longwear Eyeliner – Excessive Cobalt

Max Factor Excess Longwear Eyeliner
As soon as the sun comes out, so do the bright colours! I wish my wardrobe was the same as my makeup stash, I have a feeling that will forever be filled with grey and black clothes. The brighter makeup definitely likes to make an appearance in the summer months. I love bright eyeliners, nothing beats my beloved Urban Decay but I am always open to new options so decided to try out this Max Factor Excess Longwear Eyeliner. 

Max Factor Excess Longer Eyeliner review
Max Factor Excess Longer Eyeliner Excessive Cobalt

I love blue on the eyes, so decided to go for the shade Excessive Cobalt – a rich metallic blue. The eyeliner itself is really creamy to apply, it doesn’t drag and is pretty bold at the first swipe. My only gripe is the plastic section around the nib. It gets in the way…A LOT. When I first looked at it, I didn’t think anything of it but it once I started to apply, I found myself catching my eye on the plastic or not getting any eyeliner onto my actual eye. I use the side of eyeliners quite a lot, which is probably why this happened. I even tried pushing more eyeliner up but it ended up snapping because it was too soft.

Max Factor Excess Longer Eyeliner swatchMax Factor Excess Longer Eyeliner Excessive cobalt swatch
The colour of this is absolutely beautiful, I love how bold it is! Excessive Cobalt reminds me of a bright metallic Denim kind of shade and it just creates that little pop of colour that is perfect for those summer days. 
The staying power of this is perfect, I didn’t have to touch it up at all and it didn’t seem to run when the sun was in my eyes either. If  it wasn’t for that pesky nib, this eyeliner would be great. Sadly, it just made it too tricky to apply. 

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