Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Funko Time: Fluttershy

funko pop fluttershy
funko my little pony fluttershy

'I'm not shy!'

My 7 year old niece knows me so well. My brother was trying to find a Funko that I would like for my birthday and she picked this one out for me, she has definitely studied my collection well.

JUST LOOK AT THE CUTENESS! Fluttershy is just perfect.

This is the first My Little Pony Funko that I have in my collection and I absolutely love her. I really like My Little Pony, I was never into it too much as a child but as I have grown up I seem to love it more. I definitely prefer the newer type of pony though, I find the older ones a little scary!



  1. How cute :) Love the yellow and pink contrast too!


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