Friday, 20 May 2016

Barry M Aquarium Nail Polish - Caspian + Arabian

barry m aquarium

I have been feeling very Mermaidy lately, well more than normal. I seem to be loving anything shimmery and sparkly, so when my friend gave me these Barry M Aquarium polishes I couldn't contain my excitement. I have wanted to try this range for ages, but indecisive me could never settle for one colour.

All of the polishes in the Aquarium range are super shimmery and pretty. They are all two-tone and create a lovely mirrored effect.

barry m aquarium nail polish swatches

The two shades that I received were Caspian and Arabian. Caspian is the loveliest Gold into Pink two-tone polish which I have been wearing instead of a basic Nude shade and Arabian is a really cute Green into Gold shade. Both of these are perfect for my current Mermaid phase. 

I absolutely love this collection and can't wait to try more, Persian is definitely next on the hit list!

DISCLAIMER - These Nail Polishes were not paid for by myself, they were gifted to me by a friend.



  1. I love the Caspian shade, it's so pretty! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  2. Arabian is gorgeous! Need it in my life. :(


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