Sunday, 8 May 2016

20 songs that...I love to play as soon as the sun is out!

summer butterfly on flower

I am so happy that the sun has finally decided to make an appearance. I am currently sat in my garden with a tropical juice writing this post up. Which is pure bliss until the bee's come along and attack me! As the weather is beautiful today, I thought I would create a little playlist of songs that I like to listen to in the sun.

The playlist is completely made up of Dance songs. I love Dance music anyway, but as soon the weather turns that little nicer I love it a little more. It definitely takes me to a place with a sunny beach and cocktail in my hand. 

What are you all up to on this super sunny Sunday? I think I am going to stay in the garden and appreciate these songs until the sun disappears again. 


  1. These songs are totally my Summer jam before - pretty much 99% of them at least :') Dance music is most definitely made for Summer; I tended to have phases of seasonal music when I was living in England, but now I live in Australia at the moment in a place where the seasons don't really exist, it's always Summer music. It can get boring but I'm happy for now with it! Have a lovely relaxing day in the sun - enjoy it while it lasts :)


    1. Ahh glad you liked the playlist! :) I would love summer music and sunshine all year round!


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