Friday, 22 April 2016

Wishlist: Skinnydip London

Lately I have been loving all things Skinnydip. Their website is full of the most dreamy items and I feel as though I am constantly adding new bits to my ever growing wishlist. I treated myself to the Narwhal phone case recently and could easily have added at least another 100 things to the order. Somehow I managed to restrain myself. Mainly due to the fact, I wouldn't have been able to pay any bills if I had caved in. Bills...Mermaid Bag...Bills...Unicorn Purse...The list is endless haha!

Here are my top picks that are on their website currently..

Sushi iPhone Case - I love a phone case anyway, but just look at those squishy Sushi faces!

Cactus Pencil Case - I feel as though I either need to go back to school or buy a pencil case for work just so I have an excuse to use this! LOVE THIS!

Mermaid Martini Bag - Perfect bag, super cute, need this for my holiday, enough said.

Unicorn Coin Purse - You can never have too much Unicorn goodness!

Google Pineapple iPhone Case - I want this phone case for summer, I think it would be perfect. It just makes me think of a tropical holiday!

Bomb Coin Purse - This is so funky, I really like the bag version too.

Beetle Washbag - Magpie Emmy likes shiny things, especially when the shiny things change colour. So this washbag is perfect.

Iridescent Shell Cross Body Bag - I recently treated myself to the rose gold shell purse, so it would be rude not to buy a matching bag obviously!

Do you love Skinnydip as much as me? What are you lusting over lately?



  1. I bloody love that Unicorn purse!
    I've never really looked at Skinny dip before now! I know bad blogger lol.


    1. The purse is just amazing isn't it?! ha, it just gives you an excuse to go on their site now! :)

  2. Awesome wishlist :) I really love the products available at SkinnyDip London, they are all so pretty. I'm lovin' the unicorn coin purse, it's so adorable! I also really want the iridescent shell cross body bag. It's a lovely colour and who doesn't want to walk around feeling like a mermaid!? haha

    Right now, the other items I'd love to get from SkinnyDip are the glitter unicorn phone case & the chevron make up bag :)

    1. Thank you sweetpea! I think the shell bag is next on my list, for all of these reasons. The chevron makeup make is lovely too!


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