The Bodyguard Musical

the bodyguard musical
Every now and again a musical or show comes into your life that leaves you speechless and full of emotion…this is how I felt watching The Bodyguard.

I remember watching the film with my nan a good few times when I was younger. It was one of her favourites. She was a sucker for a romantic film, if it didn’t have a love story/happy ending she didn’t want to know. When I saw that it was coming to my local theatre, I knew I needed to get tickets as soon as I could. 
All of last week, my friend and I kept putting the soundtrack on at work to get us ready. We didn’t even care if everyone else was sick of Whitney, I mean how could you be?! We were also the annoying pair that sat down literally just before the show started. I don’t even know how we were so late…although it may or may not have had something to do with the queue for the Caramel Buttons, that we obviously needed! 
We were lucky enough to see Alexandra Burke playing Rachel. I don’t think anyone has ever been cast more perfectly for a role. Her voice, acting, costumes, everything was just perfect. Some of my favourite songs are Whitney Houston songs and Alexandra sung them beautifully. Let’s just say I cried ALOT. I normally manage to hold back tears, but I think I was caught off guard (geddit!) I just managed to hold back tears for ‘I Have Nothing’, but as soon as ‘I Will Always Love You’ started, that was it. I was gone. It wasn’t even a single tear either, full on heartbreak, let’s just say I couldn’t have been more glad that the theatre was dark. I think it made me think of my nan a whole lot more than I thought it would and then the more I tried to stop the more I cried, what a wally!
The story was brought to stage perfectly, sticking as close to the film as it could and full of all of the same well known songs. Not giving anything away if you haven’t seen it, but there were a good few bits that actually made me jump too! I never used to be this much of an emotional wreck..honest! If you haven’t seen the film, it is an absolute classic. Famous Artist has a stalker, hires a bodyguard and they fall in love. Obviously a lot more in-depth than that, that was my attempt at a film in a sentence lol!
This has instantly gone into one of my top musicals that I have seen. I am totally in love with it. Although yet again, I left the theatre wanting to be able to sing, dance and act. All 3 things I am useless at, so will save for the comfort of my own bedroom.

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