Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Pop in a Box - April 2016

It's my favourite time of the month again...Pop in a Box time! I felt a bit psychic this month, as I started to think about this particular Funko a few days before the box came and there it was...spooky!

poison ivy funko pop
april pop in a box

This month I was sent Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy.

I feel a bit of a Arkham Asylum theme going on here! Last month I was sent Harley Quinn and this month Poison Ivy. Not that I mind though, Ivy is one of my favourites anyway! I have a bit of eyebrow envy with this Funko, if only I could get my flick that perfect! It says a lot when I am jealous of a figures eyebrows ha! The ivy detailing on her body, is just so perfect, simple but so effective! She reminds me a little of Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy here too!

This Funko is so simple, yet definitely one of my favourites.



  1. I love the details on her! I bet she looks great with Harley!


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