Friday, 8 April 2016

Makeup Look: Shimmering Flick

makeup look purple

I had a bit of a makeup clear out at the weekend. When I say clear out, it was more a tidy up. For ages, I have been using the top drawer in my unit with a cutlery divider to section off the different bits. I brought this storage unit from Amazon, and I am in love. I think I will need more than one though as the lipsticks have completely taken over the top section, but it is a start!

In the process of tidying, I have managed to rediscover things that I forgot that I had. This Urban Decay eyeshadow palette being one of them, if one good thing has come of rearranging my makeup, it is that I have found some hidden gems and have started to play around with it again as I seemed to stop for a little while.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation (not pictured) / L'Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara / MAC 'Springsheen' Blusher / Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil 'Tornado' / Benefit Brow Zings / Urban Decay Mariposa Palette / MAC Up the Amp Lipstick / Accessorize Bronzer (not pictured)

Before we start, please excuse my roots! My hair has been all sorts of purple lately, but I thought I would try and let it have a rest before I bombard it with more purple. I am just trying to ignore the state of them ha! Now that is out of the way, you can see that I also went for a bit of a purple theme with my makeup also. 

I used Spotlight and Infamous eyeshadows for this look. Spotlight all over the lid with Infamous in the crease. I then lined my eye using Tornado and popped mascara on to finish the eye. As I didn't quite think I had used enough purple ha, I thought Up the Amp would top it off nicely. It has been so nice to use slightly different colours on my eyes again, I don't know why I stopped really. I will definitely be playing around more from now on!


  1. Love that lip colour on you! x

  2. ooooh that blusher is dreamy!
    absolutely love your hair! wish I could pull that off!


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