Monday, 18 April 2016

Little Moose Leopard Pendant

little moose jewellery

I never thought that I would discover my new favourite necklace at the zoo of all places! I went to Whipsnade last week with my mum and niece, which was lovely. The gift shop was empty, so I thought that I would have a quick browse. Which is when I discovered Little Moose jewellery in a cabinet.

Little Moose is a brand that I had not heard of before, but I was instantly in love with pretty much all of their pieces on display. All of the jewellery was animal themed, which makes sense being at a zoo ha! I couldn't decide between the Leopard and the Sloth, but big cats are my favourites, so thought it was only right to choose a Leopard.

little moose leopard pendant

The necklace came inside the cutest little organza bag and box, with a little slip containing all of their social platforms to follow.

little moose leopard pendant necklace
little moose leopard pendant

The necklace itself is one of the sweetest things that I own. I love a statement piece and this looks perfect with a plain tee. I think the jewelled eyes just finish it off and give him a little character. Yes it is a him, I don't yet have a name though!

Now that I know about Little Moose, I will definitely be investing in more pieces. Especially the Cheshire Cat Disappearing Necklace and the Raincloud Glitter Necklace.


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