Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Funko Time: Chewbacca

chewbacca funko pop
chewbacca funko pop vinyl


Chewbacca has always been one of my favourite Star Wars characters. There is just something about that cute little Wookie that makes me want to hug him. I bet he gives good hugs. Obviously with the release of The Force Awakens, it was only right to pop him on here next. He has the cutest little face and the texture of his body to make fur is so clever. His face doesn't even make him look like a typical Funko if you get what I mean, he just looks like a baby Chewie!

I have had this Funko for ages, I picked him up in Asda a little while ago. I popped out for a Pizza and came back with a Funko Pop. That's pretty much my life summed up right there! He is the only Funko I have that doesn't have a box, as it was a bit damaged when I got him. Not that I mind, it means I can sit and wobble his head. Nothing cheers up a bad day more than a wobbling little Wookie head.

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