Friday, 25 March 2016

Spider-man Tsum Tsums

spider-man tsum collection

Every now and again, a Tsum Tsum collection comes into my life that makes me do a little squeal of joy. Last time it was the Lion King and Star Wars collections, but I will brush past them as I didn't manage to get a single Tsum from either of those. DEVASTATING. This time around it is the new spider-man collection that has filled my heart with happiness again..

marvel spiderman tsum
venom miles morales tsum tsum

Venom is the Tsum that has stolen my heart. Ever since I saw his little picture on the label of Tsums I have previously brought, I have been waiting for him to be released. His little face is just perfect, with his evil little eyes and tongue. 

He has been one of my favourite baddies for ages, I am completely obsessed with the Lego version too, so as soon as I saw him as a Tsum I knew I needed to have him. I wasn't taking any chances, so I sent Lewis to our local Disney store on his day off to pick him up. That made me sound really bossy there, but Lewis got himself a Starbucks out of it so I don't think he was complaining too much! The love that he is, he also picked me up Miles Morales, so Venom has a little friend. 

Now this isn't the whole collection, there is also Green Goblin, Rhino and Lizard. I think Venom will forever be my favourite though!


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