Sunday, 13 March 2016

20 songs that...remind me of my teens!

I mentioned in my last 20 songs post that I have a wide taste in music and I think today's post is going to prove it. I spent my teenage years listening to nothing but rock and metal music, which was definitely Lewis' influence on my music taste. I was brought up on Motown and Soul music, which is how I know the words to pretty much every Motown and Luther Vandross song there is. But when I met Lewis, we would listen to his iPod on the way home from school and my love of rock music began!

My mum would always be telling me off for having my music too loud if there was even the subtlest hint of a guitar or scream, which made me listen to it more! In the end, I actually think she started to like Corey Taylor's voice, I mean who wouldn't?!

It has taken me absolutely hours to write this post. Mainly because I keep remembering songs and memories attached to them and getting wayyyy too distracted! I could easily have made this 40 songs, but thought I would stick at 20 to give you an insight into my teen life. 

Don't get me wrong, I still listen to all of these songs now. I am just a bit more varied in my music taste, back then if it wasn't rock, I wouldn't even attempt to listen to it. I was obviously too cool...not!

What would be on your teenage playlist? 


  1. Stone Sour!! Used to love them so so much, beautiful music, love every song on this playlist!

    Em | beautyandbullshitt x

    1. Aha Stone Sour are amazing! Thank you :)

  2. Looking through these things seems like i'm looking back at my old iPod, there are so many songs that remind me of my teens, love it :)

    Angie xx
    Silk and Sapphire

  3. Awesome playlist :) All these songs remind me of my teens too. I used to love rocking out to Chop Suey! XD My music taste has always been quite varied, but rock & metal msuic will forever be my favourite. Even now, I still consider Green Day my favourite band <3

    1. Aha thank you! Green Day are pretty amazing! :D


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