Monday, 1 February 2016

Monthly Wishlist: February

february 2016 wishlist

Payday could only mean one thing - me swooning over thousands of different items, trying to justify which ones I really need. This month is obviously no different, but I have somehow managed to narrow it down to only a few bits...

Snow White Pyjamas / Topshop - I very rarely wear a nightie, I am more of a PJ girl myself but I am liking the monochrome look of this and it just looks comfy too.

Mexican Wrestler Mask Bag / Skinnydip - What is not to love about this bag? I do love a statement bag and this would be such a talking point on a night out. The design is just so quirky and fun.

Ariana Grande Lipstick / MAC - You know me, the darker and vampier the lip, the happier I am. This shade from Ariana Grande looks right up my street. 

Flame Princess Figure / IWOOT - I have been after this figure since it first got announced. This month, I may actually make the plunge and buy it. 

Mario Dress / Truffle Shuffle - I saw this on Twitter the other day, when Truffle Shuffle tweeted a link and I have instantly fallen in love with it. Teamed with Converse, I think this would look great.

Beast Dorbz / Forbidden Planet - MUST. NOT. START. COLLECTING. DORBZ. Ha. Seriously though, I have enough trouble with my Funko collection growing out of control. Although, if I did collect Dorbz, this would definitely be the first one I brought.

Gwen Stefani Palette / Urban Decay - I know the world and his wife has this palette, but I do really want to try it. All of the shades seem so wearable to me, even the bold ones. 

Are any of these bits on your wishlist for February?


  1. My flame princess just arrived and she's such a good one!

    1. I am so jealous!!!!! I need her in my life.

  2. The Gwen Stefani palette is so so good. The neutral shades are ready to wear as an everyday look and then the jewel tones are so pigmented and can make such nice twists to a neutral eye! I'd definitely invest in it!

    Em | beautyandbullshitt x

    1. I think you may have just convinced me :)

  3. That mario dress is so pretty! WANT :)

    1. I feel I still need to invest in this! :)


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