Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Models Own GlitterGel Nail Polish - Crystal Pink

models own glittergel polish crystal pink

I took my niece to our local Models Own Bottleshop at the weekend. She is absolutely nail varnish obsessed and obviously gets that from our side of the family! All Models Own polishes were on offer, so I decided that we both needed to stock up. Now we must have spent what felt like an eternity choosing, even the assistant was giving us the 'are you still here?!' look, but eventually we settled for a couple of shades each. I really wanted to try a GlitterGel polish and ended up leaving with a shade called Crystal Pink.

models own glittergel review
models own glittergel crystal pink swatch

Crystal Pink is a pale dusky pink shade which is crammed full of glitter. The base itself is very transparent, in the bottle it looks as though it would come out a lot bolder than it sadly does. I got a bit carried away and even after 4 coats it didn't get any more opaque. I have a feeling that this would be perfect layered over another shade though.  The glitter pieces become sandwiched between the gel layers, which must be what creates the amazing shine that this polish seems to have. The nails almost look wet they are that shiny and glossy!

I am super impressed with the shine of this, but just wish the base colour was that little bit bolder. I kinda thought it would come out a lot more like the lid of the bottle. Have you tried any GlitterGel polishes, what did you think?


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