Monday, 29 February 2016

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara

max factor clump defy mascara

It's not often that I branch out into using a different brand of mascara. I have my trusty favourites that I flit between, but when I saw Max Factor had released a Clump Defy mascara I knew that I needed to try it out. It doesn't matter how I do my lashes, I always end up with a few of them clumping together, ganging up on me. 

I picked this mascara up from Boots after originally searching for anything from the Star Wars collection, but I think I was a bit late as I could only find a bright orange lipstick that I was definitely not going to wear. Not one to leave empty handed, I thought I would try this out.

max factor clump defy mascara review
max factor clump defy mascara swatch

I love the colour of the packaging, not that it really makes a difference, but I do appreciate a nice coloured package. The wand has a slight curve to it, which makes it easier to follow the lashes natural curve. This is filled with hundreds of tiny bristles which help to separate the lashes and prevent clumps.

I have used this style of brush before, but it has always still managed to clump my lashes together. However this time, I am super impressed with the results. My lashes have nearly doubled in length and they look really bold too. As for 'defying clumps' this has worked really well, my lashes have been fanned out perfectly. 

I have been using this for a few weeks now and it's safe to say, I am hooked. 


  1. That looks amazing! I love curved brushes, especially when they don't clump together.

    1. Definitely, curved brushes are so much easier! :)

  2. Wow, that's really impressive! I've never seen a mascara give that much of a difference.

    1. Thank you, it is really good! :)


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