Sunday, 10 January 2016

Pokémon Center Wishlist

The January blues have well and truly kicked in today. I needed a bit of cheering up and thought of no better place to look than the Pokémon Center! I have loved Pokémon ever since I was younger, I remember getting a huge Meowth for my 10th birthday, which I still refuse to let anyone throw away. He is definitely coming with me when I move out and will take pride of place on the bed.

I still enjoy playing it every now and again too, but I seem to go through phases where I play it for hours then don't touch it for weeks. I still think they are mega cute though and have fallen in love with quite a few bits on the website!

Here are my favourites...

pokémon center wishlist

There are so many good items that it was super hard to only choose a couple. Squirtle has always been my favourite Pokémon though, I would always pick him first.

The only downfall is that the Pokémon Center do not ship to the UK. I may have to fly to Tokyo with an empty suitcase and fill it with plushes to bring back with me!


  1. Fantastic wishlist :) I too love pokemon! My favourite pokemon is Vaporeon. I dream of visiting the Pokemon Center someday, along with a massive list of other places I want to visit in Japan haha

    The Eevee stationary is gorgeous, especially that ring binder! It's such a shame they don't ship to the UK :(

    I also have some pokemon plushies that I could never get rid of. One is a Marill plushie that my friend bought me for my 8th or 9th Birthday. It's adorable.

    1. I love Vaporeon. Although Flareon is my favourite too! Sometimes I just can't decide so just love them all. I know there would be a huge plushie order if they ever shipped to the UK!

      They become part of the family and definitely do not deserve to be thrown away aha!


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