My Posting Schedule

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that I have finally got into a bit of a routine with my blog posting. If you haven’t, then why not?! I joke of course, but I noticed that I have never put on here which days I actually post. I have made a little table so you know when to check back and see my new bits and pieces.
posting schedule
Obviously, my posts are not just limited to these days you may get the additional gem thrown in too, but at the minute this is when I like to post. Now I say this, but there may be times when I can’t post either. I really hope that I’m not tempting fate now, knowing me something will stop me getting a post up until 2018 now!
As much as I would like to, I don’t have a particular theme per day either. As you know I write beauty, lifestyle and nerdy posts and try to spread them out, but I just like to write what I fancy. Maybe one day I will do this, but at the minute I’m living on the edge and writing my blog posts however I am feeling. 
I feel like this is the start of me being a bit more organised with the blog and I love it! Remember to check back for a new post on Sunday! 

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